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About us

Since the beginning, the mission of Capital Advisors Family Office has been to provide wealth planning advices aligned with the long-term objectives of its clients. We rely on the development of relationships of trust with our clients and the technical capacity of our team.

Alfonso Peró C.: Partner

Alfonso Peró C.


Rodrigo Álamos S.: Partner

Rodrigo Álamos S.


Ángel Andraca M.: Partner

Ángel Andraca M.


Marcos García M.: Partner

Marcos García M.


Carlos Leay O.: Partner

Carlos Leay O.


Fernando Maturana C.: Partner

Fernando Maturana C.


Pablo Solari G.: Partner

Pablo Solari G.


Juan Pablo Ugarte A.: Partner

Juan Pablo Ugarte A.


Juan Pablo  Vergara A.: Partner

Juan Pablo Vergara A.


Ricardo Manuschevich W.: Board advisor

Ricardo Manuschevich W.

Board advisor

Benjamín Cotroneo V.: Investment advisor

Benjamín Cotroneo V.

Investment advisor

José Pedro De La Cerda G.: Investment advisor

José Pedro De La Cerda G.

Investment advisor

Florencia Dell'Oro: Investment advisor

Florencia Dell'Oro

Investment advisor

León Edwards T.: Investment advisor

León Edwards T.

Investment advisor

Nicolás Gubbins L.: Senior investment advisor

Nicolás Gubbins L.

Senior investment advisor

Rodrigo Manterola V.: Investment advisor

Rodrigo Manterola V.

Investment advisor

Paula Solís M.: Studies Manager

Paula Solís M.

Studies Manager

Macarena Causa V.: Investment assistant

Macarena Causa V.

Investment assistant

Alejandra Hauyon C.: Investment assistant

Alejandra Hauyon C.

Investment assistant

Carolina Álamos S.: Investment assistant

Carolina Álamos S.

Investment assistant

Gloria Fuentes H.: Investment assistant

Gloria Fuentes H.

Investment assistant

Carolina Matamala G.: Investment assistant

Carolina Matamala G.

Investment assistant

Carmen Velásquez V.: Analyst

Carmen Velásquez V.


Angela Madariaga M.: Secretary

Angela Madariaga M.


Roberto Román W.: Administrative

Roberto Román W.


Brandon Salas V.: Administrative

Brandon Salas V.


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